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Who we are?

Our purpose is to create romantic opportunities for single males /females, couples, groups looking for a long term relationship or couples looking for other couples to have fun with …. hey , we are grown up people and have fantasies …. here you can make them come true. 

SunsetDate is the only site with NO FAKE PROFILES, so if you just registered and there are not many options in your area, just bare with us, your account is free for the first 30 days, and once we have lots of new members, these members are REAL. 

From my personal experience, I’ve learned that going on a blind date is frustrating and mostly embarrassing if the person is not what you expected, this is why I built this site where you can join any group in your area, let’s say “for a drink” and there you can actually meet lot’s of people registered to our site …. without the hassle of feeling embarrassed …. just enjoy and go with the flow …. have a drink and meet your Love. 

Mission Statement

When you experience love, your brain mirrors the person’s you are connecting with in a special way.

You have to physically be with the person to experience the micro-moment. For example, if you and your significant other are not physically together—if you are reading this at work alone in your office—then you two are not in love. You may feel connected or bonded to your partner—you may long to be in his company—but your body is completely loveless.

Lonely people who are looking for love are making a mistake if they are sitting around and waiting for love in the form of the “love myth” to take hold of them. If they instead sought out love in little moments of connection that we all experience many times a day, perhaps their loneliness would begin to subside.

This is why we created a better way to meet people, to get together in groups or one-on-one, no matter how you do it … we have to start somewhere, because as Einstein said:  Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. No scientific principle explains love, but the human need to be in love.

Our Philosophy

 Jonathan Haidt, a psychologist, calls these unrealistic expectations “the love myth” in his 2006 book The Happiness Hypothesis:


“True love is passionate love that never fades; if you are in true love, you should marry that person; if love ends, you should leave that person because it was not true love; and if you can find the right person, you will have true love forever. You might not believe this myth yourself, particularly if you are older than thirty; but many young people in Western nations are raised on it, and it acts as an ideal that they unconsciously carry with them even if they scoff at it… But if true love is defined as eternal passion, it is biologically impossible.”

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